New 2020 Cars Worth Waiting For

Sneak previews of the new cars and SUVs in advance of our track tests

We have our eyes on this promising group of new and redesigned models coming later this year.


Although these vehicles may be tempting, we traditionally recommend holding off purchases for a year or so after the launch of a redesigned or brand-new model. 

Even historically reliable vehicles can have initial teething problems during a redesign. Plus, waiting will give us time to purchase and test the vehicles, ensuring you're making an informed decision.


The added benefit of knowing what new models are coming is that they signal when discounts will grow for the outgoing models, because incentives are often used to make room for the all-new cars.


The cars are presented in alphabetical order. When possible, we provided the month when the vehicle will go on sale.


Learn more about these vehicles by clicking the links to larger previews. 

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